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Therapy Crafted Brands was originally born our of necessity. In late 2017, with the first phase of California's cannabis regulatory enforcement just months away, many smaller cannabis businesses found themselves without a license and with no clear path forward. The scarcity of licensing opportunities and the outrageous cost of those opportunities that did exist proved an incredibly prohibitive environment for these smaller companies.

Therapy Crafted Brands was built to serve as a Licensing and IP Management company that would represent a collection of smaller brands in a relationship with local, licensed operators for manufacturing and distribution. This relationship would allow for those smaller brands to get to market more efficiently and combine their resources and labor. It was more or less the only hope for many smaller companies and other legacy brands that found themselves without funding, or finding themselves in municipalities that did not support cannabis businesses. Even now, less than 30% of California's 482 municipalities allow any type of cannabis business whatsoever.

Anyhow, it was a great idea, but we learned really quickly that the complexity of these business relationships, especially with the added pressure of a the tumultuous regulatory environment, would require a lot more planning and forethought.

We needed a test case, we needed to work through this chaos, committed to our values and driven by our three-faced goal of profitability, growth, and advocacy.

So we started with our own brand. 

Therapy Tonics has been our test case. It has survived a maelstrom of challenges and failures and a few hard-won successes. This company has been through more than you could ever even imagine. Yet, as we approach our relaunch in 2020, Therapy Crafted Brands acknowledges all of the hard truths that we had to accept. We learned so much from the many seemingly game-ending challenges we have pushed through, the events we managed and, of course, all the interesting people we met along the way. In this new and struggling industry, experience counts.

With the pending relaunch of the Therapy Tonics lineup, the lessons learned over the last several years will be realized.

Our hard lessons are your opportunity to avoid them.


We know the ins-and-outs of the cannabis industry because we are active participants. We don't just consult on these challenges, we live them every day.

From compliance and regulation, to event planning and education, we learned how to work through the mosaic of local and state challenges and get products to market quickly.

We have systematized that process in a way that maximizes efficiency and puts a real focus on both data collection and the brand support and marketing driven by that data.


We move ideas from concept to consumer with experienced efficiency.

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