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0.5oz | 15mL

120mg CBD | 600mg THC

• Proprietary terpene blend, heavy in Myrcene and Linalool

• Induces a restful, calming high


General Description

Linacene is Therapy's proprietary one to five balance of CBD to THC. This formula is crafted around a hybrid profile and enhanced with Linalool and Myrcene (Lina+cene). Built for someone with a higher THC tolerance that uses cannabis to manage pain and discomfort; possible benefits also include a restfull, uninterrupted sleep. These terpenes are found in flowers like lavender and are associated with reducing stress.

Flavor Profile

Mountain herb coconut, made with all organic natural flavors and food-grade terpenes.

How does this taste so good?

We approached infused products from more of a culinary perspective. Every single ingredient is hand picked for it's balance of flavor and overall impact, both of which are important to maximizing your experience.  We then begin our time-tested, craft approach to making a product that is not only healthy, but boasts a stratified flavor profile that best accentuates and empowers our cannabis infusion.

Does this product need to be refrigerated?

No. That said, please store this is a cool dark place for longest shelf life.

How potent is each bottle?

Each 15mL Bottle contains 120mg of CBD and 600mg of THC. Our linacene tincture has the flavor of a recreational use product with the punch of a medical potency.

How much should I consume?

We recommend starting with a 1/4mL (~2mgCBD and 10mg THC). All our tinctures come with a demarcated dropper.

The goal is to let, you,  the customer decide on how you want to engage this product. If you are new to cannabis, you can use a little as an addition to your smoothie or morning coffee. We want to put the power of dosing in your hands! That is the driving force behind all  Therapy products.

How long before I feel the effects?

Onset time is usually within 1 hour, but depending on your metabolism and diet, you could feel effects as quickly  as 15 minutes, or it could take as long as 2 hours. Remember: metabolism, eating habits, sensitivity to cannabinoids, all of these can affect onset and duration so please keep that in mind when considering your engagement.


MCT OIl from Virgin Organic Coconut,, Cannabis Distillate,, Proprietary Terpene Blend, Organic Natural Flavors

Serving Information

Nutritional Information

Volume:             0.5 OUNCE | 15ML

Potency:            CBD: 120MG  |  THC: 600MG

Servings:            60 Servings

Serving Size:     1/4 mL

Potency/Serv:  CBD: 2MG  |  THC: 10MG

Calories/Serving: 9.5, Carbohydrates: 1.6g, Sugar: 0g Sodium: 0mg, Total Fat: 0.4g , Caffeine: 0mg

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