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0.5oz | 15mL

0mg CBD | 420mg THC

General Information

• Proprietary terpene blend, heavy in Alpha Pinene and Myrcene

• Cherry, pine, natural and organic flavors

• Induces a restful, calming high

• Virgin Coconut-derived MCT oil.

General Description

Sakura Therapy's proprietary heavy Indica profile; a THC-only blend. This formula is built on a Cherry Kush profile with additional terpenes and all natural organic hints of pine and cherry. Created for those needing both soothing relief and focused mental recovery. The Cherry aromas and flavors also promote muscle recovery.

Suggested Dosage

Our new droppers are demarcated by the quarter milliliter, empowering the consumer to find the dose that is perfect for them.  We suggest starting with a micro-dose of 5 drops (1/8ml), equivalent a 1/2 serving or just under 7mg THC.

Flavor Profile

A slight hint of Cherry Blossom , made with all organic natural flavors and food-grade terpenes

How does this taste so good?

We approached infused products from more of a culinary perspective. Every single ingredient is hand picked for it's balance of flavor and overall impact, both of which are important to maximizing your experience.  We then begin our time-tested, craft approach to making a product that is not only healthy, but boasts a stratified flavor profile that creates a harmony with our cannabis infusion.

How do I store this product?

Please store this tincture in a cool place, out of direct sunlight for maximum shelf life. When traveling with this tincture, make sure the lid is tight. Although it should not be an issue, we suggest bagging it separately  when flying as sometimes the pressure change can cause leakage.

How potent is each bottle?

Each 15mL (1/2oz) Bottle contains 420mg of THC and trace amounts of CBD. As these tinctures were originally made for the medical consumer, they pack a potent because of our "Flavor Therapeutics" approach to formulation.

I'm an experienced consumer. How much should I consume?

Start with one serving (a 1/4 mL on the demarcated dropper), Which is about 14mg. It is important to remember that all of our original tinctures were orginally made for the medical market and are as potent as they are delicious.


The goal is to let, you, the customer decide how you want to engage this product. Go slow, and find the perfect functional dose that works for you.

How long before I feel the effects?

Onset time is usually within 1 hour, but depending on your metabolism and diet, you could feel results effects as quickly in as quickly as 15 minutes, or it could take as long as 2 hours. Remember: metabolism, eating habits, sensitivity to cannabinoids, all of these can affect onset and duration so please keep that in mind when considering your engagement.


MCT OIl from Virgin Organic Coconut,, Cannabis Distillate,, Proprietary Terpene Blend, Organic Natural Flavors

Serving Information

Volume:             0.5 OUNCE | 15ML

Potency:            CBD: <2.0MG  |  THC: 420MG

Servings:            30Servings

Serving Size:     0.5 mL

Potency/Serv:  CBD: 0MG  |  THC: 14MG

Nutritional Information

Calories/Serving: 9.5, Carbohydrates: 1.6g, Sugar: 1.0g Sodium: 0.5mg, Total Fat: 0.4g , Caffeine: 8.5mg

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