What is a cannabis tincture?

A cannabis tincture is an alcohol or oil based liquid infused with Cannabis. According to Leafly, tinctures were the main form of cannabis consumption until the United States enacted cannabis prohibition. Tinctures are most effective when ingested sublingually.


How do you use a tincture?

Tinctures are typically added to foods or beverages or, for best absorption, dripped directly under the tongue. Under the tongue (AKA Sublingual) provides for the most absorption and fastest onset for a tincture. We suggest dripping the desired amount under your tongue and waiting 20 seconds before swallowing.


How long before the effects are felt?

There are many variables that determine the onset of THC products and tinctures are no different. Typically, the effects will be felt within 1 hour. Depending on your metabolism and diet, onset could occur within 15 minutes or take as long as 2 hours. Additionally, THC consumed this way will provide a longer, more balance high.

How do I know what dose is right for me?

People’s tolerance for THC varies widely. Our recommended dose serves as a baseline from which you can  increase or decrease to find the amount that works for you. By putting the power of dosing in your hands, you are empowered to find your dose!

What is the duration of the effect?

Feedback from customers suggests a prolonged, 4-6 hour high. The nature of the high after onset, was described as sustained and balanced, reflective of the various tincture profiles and their associated effects. The high then drops off slowly over the last hour. As everybody has a different relationship with THC, the effects and duration may vary.

Why would I use a tincture?

  1. Puts the Power of Dosing in Your Hands. FIND YOUR DOSE.

  2. Absorption is better. The amount of cannabis extract that is actually absorbed is greater with a tincture that a traditional edible.

  3. The onset is typically much faster than an edible.

  4. Lasts longer. Cannabis consumed as opposed to smoked remains active in your body exponentially longer than if it was smoked.

  5. THC delivered through tinctures are more powerful. Studies suggest that THC metabolized through your liver (like a tincture or edible) as opposed to inhaling your lungs crosses the blood/brain barrier  much more efficiently.

What makes your tinctures unique? Why should we by yours instead of the competitor?

Our five point five-point production process:

  1. Science, Research and Reported Effect

  2. Flavor Therapy

  3. Aromatherapy

  4. Bioavailability

  5. THC/CBD ratio.

Of these, flavor, aroma, terpenes, and the science that binds them are the elements of what we call “Flavor Therapeutics™.” The distinct flavors and smells of our tinctures have been built on proprietary mixures of terpenes and flavors. It is these distinct mixtures, built on both scientific and anecdotal evidence, that embolden the desired effects and efficacy.

What is "Flavor Therapeutics™"?

Flavor Therapeutics is our way of combining flavor, smell, and science. Our tinctures unique flavors come from a combination of terpenes and organic, all-natural flavoring. These proprietary blends are thought to improve both the experience and the efficacy.

Your tinctures have different names and ratios, why is this?

The different names and ratios of CBD to THC  are driven by the desired effect that each ratio is built for. Each tincture is named based on the proprietary terpene and flavor blend. These profiles are made to really accelerate onset and provide a curated environment for the impact of the cannabinoids.

  • SAKURA (Heavy Indica) boasts an underlying indica terpene profile fortified with an effervescent hint of cherries. The Japanese word “Sakura” translates to cherry blossoms. A heavy indica provides a relaxing and centered effect, even without the CBD.

  • LINACENE (THC-Dominant Hybird) is our 1 to 5 ratioed tincture built on a terpene profile heavily steeped in Linalool and Myrcene, the combination that inspired the name.  A hybrid profile this herbaceous tincture is made for someone that prefers to use THC to for calming relief.


  • LIMONENE (CBD-Dominant Hybird) is our 3 to 1 ratioed tincture built on a terpene profile heavily steeped in Limonene and organic natural favors. The lemon-cirtus flavor really soothes the senses and focuses the mind.